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soft tielsmaterial: porcelain


Goray is fascinated in her product designs by the allusion
of the surface structures to the surface of organic skin.
The sculptural elements in her works are rendered unexpectedly affective.
SOFttILES (2009) are porcelain tiles inspired by the pattern of Chesterfield Chair.
The porcelain replica of strained leather appears soft and uncanny,
exuding such a warmth that onlookers feel the irresistible urge to touch it.

Registered Community Design No.: 001715103-0001

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material: porcelain

Private space in public

The design was motivated by the sensation and enjoyment of life.

The main body of the chair is made from fiberglass and has a thin, floating shape. In addition to it, a flexible “collar” might be added for privacy.

The prototype was handmade with GRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) on a casting mould. It can also be made economic and ecologic by injection molding of WPC (wood plastic composite). The collar is made of sailcloth and is fixed with rope.


size:                    L 200 x W 90 x H 120 cm

material:           Fiberglass (chair)  Sailcloth (collar)
name:               ‘Rio’

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