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Tumble Temple
by Elena Goray & Christoph Tönges
at at Kunsteiland Rotterdam
Exhibition: In Quarantaine

A dynamic sculpture – metaphorical to tumbleweed. Detached from its roots and tumbling away in the wind, it represents a path of migration and self-discovery.The construction is a cocoon made of naturally strong bamboo. Its exterior side has extensions with which it can move and protect the inner space.

The structure is made of splits from black Wulung and yellow Moso bamboo.


Third Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale (JCCB#3)

At National Gallery of Indonesia.


The work contains around 200 tiles, placed on the flat wall surface in certain order
to create an impression of 3D figure seen in perspective.

In my work I expressed aesthetically my vision of the functional architecture of the DNA.

Dimension of installation is 2250 cm x 1700 cm.

Material porcelain.

Project supported by Dutch Embassy in Indonesia.

Specifically designed for LIBAF (Lombok International Bamboo Architectural Festival), Indonesia.

Received the second prize.

This spatial installation translates the movement of water into a wave passage.


Material: bamboo slats, re-used bicycle tubes from Amsterdam and Lombok.

Design: Elena Goray

Photos: Christoph Toenges, Marine Lacroix, Wiralee Adiputra, Nashir Setiawan, Elena Goray

Favelous 963 is a pop-up restaurant located at Mediamatic Fabrique in Amsterdam.

It is part of the Freezing Favela  project – a temporary ‘city’ open to a variety of projects with a DIY attitude.

A vacant building, formerly being used for the production of train wagons, has been activated by designers, artists, cooks and other makers who organize workshops and other social events for the local community.


Project info

Realisation: Andrea Sossi,Ifigeneia Dilaveraki,Christop Toenges (CONBAM)and Elena Goray with the support of Robert Bochove, Christel van Calsteren, Barak Oserovitz, Peter Cornellis and Jessica Camphens

Design: Ifigeneia Dilaveraki, finalized in collaboration with Christoph Toenges (CONBAM) and Elena Goray

Construction and material expertise: Christoph Toenges (CONBAM)and Elena Goray

Sponsoring: CONBAM Advanced Bamboo Applications

Photos: Arne Kuilman, Christoph Toenges

The land art project Bamboo Mushrooms was deigned to be part of the overall project Secret Garden. Versatile bamboo poles were partly split and opened in a way to create a form like trumpet mushrooms.

Landart-Project ‘Bamboo-Mushrooms’ at Taste Festival Berlin 01-10 June 2012

The project Pile Isle Reloaded went a step further. 10 different types of bamboo from Colombia, China and Indonesia were combined. The result is a fine and vivid pattern due to the various colors and diameters of the bamboos.

The design of this table alludes to a warm and intimate aspect of the social eating culture in China that still resist the quickening pace of technological change. A miniature fire source that could be placed in a middle of the table awakens the time-honored tradition of gathering around the source of light and warmth that attracts and, as it were, enchants the party around it. The base of the table consists of a pile of bamboo poles in a variety of different sizes and colors held together by metal belts, which eliminate the need for any screw or glue. The horizontal cut of the bamboo base that becomes visible under the table glass, reveals naturally beautiful and visually appealing organic pattern.

Design: Elena Goray & Christoph Tönges

The bamboo bench “Pile Isle” by Elena Goray and Christoph Tönges is a beautiful spot for relaxation. A bundle of brown bamboo poles is strapped together in smart and simple way. Just 4 belts of stainless steel are keeping the shape – no screw and no glue is necessary!

In cooperation with

soft tielsmaterial: porcelain


Goray is fascinated in her product designs by the allusion
of the surface structures to the surface of organic skin.
The sculptural elements in her works are rendered unexpectedly affective.
SOFttILES (2009) are porcelain tiles inspired by the pattern of Chesterfield Chair.
The porcelain replica of strained leather appears soft and uncanny,
exuding such a warmth that onlookers feel the irresistible urge to touch it.

Registered Community Design No.: 001715103-0001

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material: porcelain