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Favelous 963 is a pop-up restaurant located at Mediamatic Fabrique in Amsterdam.

It is part of the Freezing Favela  project – a temporary ‘city’ open to a variety of projects with a DIY attitude.

A vacant building, formerly being used for the production of train wagons, has been activated by designers, artists, cooks and other makers who organize workshops and other social events for the local community.


Project info

Realisation: Andrea Sossi,Ifigeneia Dilaveraki,Christop Toenges (CONBAM)and Elena Goray with the support of Robert Bochove, Christel van Calsteren, Barak Oserovitz, Peter Cornellis and Jessica Camphens

Design: Ifigeneia Dilaveraki, finalized in collaboration with Christoph Toenges (CONBAM) and Elena Goray

Construction and material expertise: Christoph Toenges (CONBAM)and Elena Goray

Sponsoring: CONBAM Advanced Bamboo Applications

Photos: Arne Kuilman, Christoph Toenges

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